Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hitting the gym

As most of you know I'm really really trying to drop some weight. It's been a little of a struggle for me, but I'm slowly getting there. Before Averee was born I went to the gym every night and LOVED it. It was a place for me to go and crank up my music and relax, it was special me time. then I got preggo with her and she had different plans on how she wanted me to spend the next 9 months.... I was sick to my stomach everyday and laid up on the couch most days. I have never got back to the gym but I think it's calling me back. I miss it! Can you actually say that about the gym? Well I have put in for a quote to see about the Redmond Athletic Club. Super excited about it!

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Kati said...

Yeah glad to hear it!