Thursday, August 6, 2009

Road Trip

Last Thursday Karri and I packed up ourselves, my kids and two of her kids (the other two stayed with daddy to go do horse stuff) and we loaded in the car with the trailer behind and headed up to Washington for my little brothers wedding. This was Karri's first time pulling the trailer any where and we were all ready for the adventure it was going to bring. And that it did....
We meet my aunt and mom at Multnomah Falls to pick mom up. We stayed there for a little to take in the sites, ended up getting in trouble for letting the kids walk in the steam apparently the fish are spawning and you can dip your feet but not walk around? After leaving there we headed for the long drive. We were headed to Whidbey Island this is where my little sister lives and where we would be calling home for the next 5 days. Now Brittney and Troy grew up in Port Townsend so that is where the wedding was at, and I have been there many times but to head the Island we had to take a different way so that Karri wouldn't have to drive the trailer on the ferry (this scared her) well as some of you followed our little trip on facebook you know this ended up putting us pulling the trailer in the middle of Seattle in 5 o'clock traffic! After we got out of this we decided that nothing can hold Karri back she is going to be a pro after we are done! ;)Not to mention just the ups and downs we had before we got there, like the idiots that blocked us in in the parking lot of Multnomah Falls and then Kaitlyn having to use the bathroom and getting stuck in the parking lot of that McDonalds, ended up having to block 3 lanes of traffic to go out the in. lol... I ducked it was a little embarrassing. Next we finally made it to Britt's house after it taking us 15 hours with all the stops and traffic and construction!! This is usually a 7 and half hour drive! Shockingly our children did wonderful and just took in all the sites. So that was Thursday. Friday ended up being the kids first Ferry ride that they LOVED, and we went out to the wedding site so Karri could get a feel for pictures the next day, other than that it was just visiting and roaming around. Saturday was a whole different adventure! OMG.... The wedding was at 2 that day, so we were going to catch the 8:45 ferry, and if by chance we had to wait for the next we would at least know we would make it on time. Brit and Karri took like the 7 o'clock so they would make it to the salon in time. They made it over but what is usually a 15 minute ferry ride turned into an hour and half due to fog, after this boat they canceled all morning boats. This left us having to drive to a whole nother town catch that ferry then drive to another ferry catch that and head to Port Townsend, Well due to all the traffic we ended up with a 2 hour wait just to get on to the second ferry, then when we finally got off we had about 5 minutes to make it to the ceremony on time. This ended up not happening, I got lost and took the long way around me my mom and kids ended up showing up an hour after the wedding started. It was so sad! I cried.... haha.. But it ended up fine and we had a blast and it was gorgeous. Sunday we relaxed took our time and headed in to Seattle for the day. We hit Pikes Place and ate down on the water. The kids have never been there and had so much fun. Came home and had to get things ready to head back home Monday morning.
Last minute we decided we would take 101 home (knowing it would be longer, but...) we could head in to Forks Washington, in to Twilight country. Kaitlyn was jumping out of her seat when we told her! Just getting there ended up being an adventure like Saturday had to take the other ferry's, and ended up taking about 6 hours to get there. By the time we got there all the adults were done.... We toured around, and it did end up to be fun but. then we headed home. We didn't end up leaving until after 8 from Forks so we drove as long as we could and ended up pulling in to a Walmart parking lot to sleep for a few hours and then headed home the next day. lol... I think this was the high light of the trip. How many people can say they have slept in a Walmart parking lot? lol....

Whidbey Island and Port Townsend are beautiful! I came home ready to move up that way. Thank you so much to my little sister for letting us park the trailer at her house. The trip was long and had some bumps in it (I'm sure I will be writing some more when little things start popping in to my head) OH like on the trip Ryder learned most of the words to "Beat It" and can bust out some amazing dance moves to it. haha) but it was all worth it! So much fun.

Here are a few pics just from the first couple days of being there. More to come when I get them!

these are pulling in to Port Townsend from the ferry

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Kati said...

What an adventure!!! So glad you guys had a good time, and what's a vacation without a few bumps, right???