Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend

Let me start by wishing you all a happy 4th!

We had plans about a month ago to head over to Corvallis for the 4th so we could spend one last weekend with my brother and niece. Well things kinda
changed when the past few weeks Justin has had NO work. So plans were to not go and say our sad good byes over the phone... :( But then my wonderful sister called and said you know what I was going over anyway just hitch a ride and come with us. :) I don't know what I would do with out her! I was so excited, we were only going over for one night, so leaving Friday and coming home Saturday. A quick trip but so happy to go. Anyways... We headed out Friday morning, getting about a 2 hour late start after we had planned but that's how we roll.. We had 6 kids, 2 adults, and one dog to pack and load up. Finally we got on the road and I finally got my coffee! When we got in to town we headed over to my brothers, to see them and figure out what we were going to do for our 2 days together. Karri was doing a photo shoot for one of my friends, and let me tell you it turned out SPECTACULAR!! After that we picked up all the kids and went off to get some fireworks, and dinner. We got back to my moms late that night but we decided to let the kids stay up and build a fire and let off the fireworks. It was a great night I think the kids finally crashed around 11:30 and the adults around 1. The next morning my wonderful mama got up early and went to the store and had a whole breakfast spread layed out for us out on the back patio, the kids ran around for a little and I soaked up the sun enjoying my morning coffee. That afternoon we decided it would be a good idea to get some pictures of just the little girls, since we really don't when the next time we are going to see Hailey again. Along with that we did a little shoot of Averee. My sister is such an amazing photographer! I'm so lucky to have her in my life! haha. We ended our trip that afternoon with lunch in Averee park, and two teary eyed sisters saying good bye to our little brother as he takes the next step in his singing journey, and flys off to Nashville on Wednesday. And Hailey will head back with her mama down to California. It was such a wonderful couple of days and we got some amazing photos to remember it all!

We came home on the 4th so we could spend the evening with daddy and watch some fireworks. Well mother nature had her own fireworks brewing for that night. I looked outside and the entire sky was this amazing deep bright pink and purple, and a little dark almost black clouds streaming across it. Next there was just lightening flashing with the following of loud thunder about every 15 minutes, and then all of a sudden you would see some bright fireworks light up the sky. It was quit a show. Ryder and I were sitting out side watching our neighbors light off some fireworks and then all of a sudden massive down poor! It was raining so hard! That lasted for about an hour and I think it put a real damper on everyones 4th. Shockingly I didn't hear anymore fireworks for the night and it was only 10:30. So that was our Holiday weekend. I hope you all had a great one like we did!!

(I would post some pictures of my son but he thought Avery Park was so cool he never slowed down long enough to take some pictures!!)

In a way this is my good bye to my brother. I wish him the best of luck and can't wait to see what his cards hold for him in this new city!!

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