Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring finally???

Is spring finally here???
I don't know but we have fully taken advantage of this
beautiful weather we have been having! Funny how a week ago we had snow and now 80 degree weather! (but looking at the forecast we may be in for some more snow??) SO for now we take it day by day and play to the fullest with the sun shining down on us!
We have been pretty busy this past week we had Kaitlyn's birthday party last Saturday and then Sunday was workin on the cars and digging "spring/summer" stuff out of the garage, we turned on the sprinklers to find a hand full of them needing to be re
placed, you know all that fun after winter stuff. Monday I got to leave and go get my hair done. Yay!! It was a much needed mommy time away. I got a lovely spring cut! It's the shortest I have been since elementary school!! Tuesday came and it was time to buckle down and focus on getting the yard work done. This year we are redoing all our flower beds and putting in a raised garden. Justin had mowed and got it all ready for me so now I had to venture out and just get it done! (easier said then done), Justin had Monday and Tuesday off this week due to him working out of town the rest of the week, so he snuck out the door pretty early with his friend Mike, little did I know he was off to go buy a NEW HUNTING BOW!! but anyways I started on the back yard and let me tell you it's a lot harder with a one year old that refuses to walk "trying" to help me with it all!! And she hates the feel of the grass so it was "so fun" while she was awake. Finally put her down for a nap and she manage to take a whoppin hour nap for me, but I did get like half the yard done, well pulled up. I am pulling up all the under lay weed avoider stuff. Between kids and dogs it's just peaking up here and there and looks horrible. Around 2 I had the yard bin stacked full and despite putting on SPF 50 multiple times my back was fried so I called it a day. I have some work in progress pictures (just a couple) I can't wait for it to be all done and the show it off! Hope you all have been enjoying the sun shine!!

Ryder and I planted some seeds inside this year

and they are now growing. Very exciting in my house right now.

My poor yard, just plain and half dead.

Work in progress.

Doing what boys do best. Making a mud pit.

So proud of his mud pit

He caught a caterpillar

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