Monday, April 6, 2009

back to the doctor

Just got back from the doctor. And I'm a happy Mama right now! Not cause they figured it out "completely" but I got answers!!! And that is what I needed to hear today. I was starting to lose my mind on this.

Miss Averee got a complete physical again. Listen to her heart, checked all pulses all that fun stuff. We have now ruled out anything to do with her heart. Yay!!! but she is thinking it might come down to her being Anemic or have a Thyroid problem? So the plan now is to watch her this week and see if by chance she is happy go lucky Averee again and is getting all her energy back. ( She just might have a low temp and thats just her, we don't know for sure but that is what it's kinda looking like. ) If she is still acting like a Zombie then we go in first thing Monday morning and get her blood work done. Now I know this isn't wonderful news but it's the "having a plan" that puts my mind at ease and the fact that they don't think it has to do with her heart! I feel like I can actually breath, and know I'm not going to wake up in the morning with a blue little girl in her crib! Does that make sence? Last night was the first night since this has all been going on that she has actually slept through the night so I'm hoping this is a good sign??

I'll keep you posted...

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