Friday, March 27, 2009

A long but much needed weekend.

This past weekend, being that it was Spring Break my sister and I were expecting a whole lot of family to come visit. This doesn't happen all that often so it was a little bit of a shocker that it all turned out. We had so much fun! We were celebrating Averee, Hailey, Me and my Brothers birthdays (yes we have that many in March) Hailey got to have her "Princess" party at Papa's with all of her cousins and she was ecstatic.

We had around 10 people come over and stay between my house and my sister's. Luckily I got Averee's big bed done and an extra mattress on Ryder's top bunk last week, so we ended up having enough room for everyone! I had so m
uch fun just sitting and visiting with my mom and Aunt it was one of those "really needed" moments for me! I really didn't want them to leave. At least I didn't have to say good bye to all of them after 3 days. My brother and niece stayed an extra couple days, and that was nice to spend the extra time with her. She is getting ready to move down to California with her Mommy, it will be a while before we get to see her again. Sad.... We will miss her to pieces!

Sunday came and my own "little Princess" came down with a bad croupy cough and fever. Poor little girl. She is starting to feel better, so I'm thankful for that! Now if we could just get her sleeping schedule back on track I would be doing great!

Here are some pictures from this past weekend.
(in no order at all)

My Mom and Aunt

Hailey and her Daddy (my brother)

The three of us.

The birthday Girl

Ryder and Papa reading

Averee got Elmo for her Birthday

And yes she was this excited over it!

My "HOT" brother. :)

Cousin Brian and his Girlfriend Tara

My Uncle Paul and Aunt Pam

Our little Princess.

Taken one for the team. It was a Princess Party.

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