Tuesday, February 17, 2009

can't believe I'm writing about this.

Wow.. Where do I begin? As most of you know I have been informed by doctors and others that I'm a wee bit over weight... I have been a little "bigger" almost all my life, well at least through out the teenage years. I used to be able to decide I was going to lose some weight and I could just work out and the pounds would come off!
Do I need to say anything more??
I don't know maybe many of you didn't have this problem, but it feels like I can cut my calories down to nothing and work out daily and still have no results!
So I have finally decided to get a little extra help. I know your probably thinking I'm a total wimp and should just suck it up and do it myself, but to tell you the truth I'm totally getting discouraged and I've got to try some thing.
My friend has been using this product and selling it and has been super success full with it in both ways, so I have decided what the hey! I just ordered my product last night and it will be arriving in 5-7 days and I can't wait! I'm really not one to take the easy way out at all but right now I need something!! I just need the extra boost. And if I can make some money off it even better!! (I'm kinda sounding greedy)
I will keep you all posted on my progress and how it works. If you are interested at all about it you can check out my website.

And maybe I will even bless you guys with a picture of before! And Progress.
But that's a BIG MAYBE! haha.

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