Monday, January 19, 2009

What is it about this series?

Can someone please explain to me what it is about these books that makes it so when you start reading you can't stop!

How this all began.
My sister has been reading the books and finally she went and took the kids to see the movie last Friday. I have not been in to these books at all, really. I had no idea what people were going to so crazy over them for? It was a little strange to me, I mean they are about Vampires for gods sake! Sunday was my sister's birthday and for it she really wanted me to go and see the movie with her and her daughter. For me it was more of getting out of the house with out kids or a hubby so I jumped on it. She just kept saying " I can't wait to see what you think of it after it's over." And well I kept just looking at her strangely. haha.

After the movie was over I could not believe I hadn't just on the ban wagon before this!! It was SO SO GOOD! Yes I am taking back anything and everything I have said about this movie or the books!

On the way home I decided I better stop and get at least the first book so I can get on to the second. Leaving the movie has you pondering what in the world happens in the second, third and fourth! Well last night I started reading around 8 and could NOT put it down, around midnight or one I decided I had to. I'm almost done with the book just from one night (yes I'm a slow reader)! It's totally biting me in the behind this morning cause I had a little Miss up and ready to start the day at 4 but what do you do. I could not stop reading!

Tonight is off to get the second book.

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Jessica said...

I know, when my sister started reading these I thought she was crazy until I started the first one. Within a month I had finished all four. The first book was the best though.