Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A little hint?

You all know I watch a little girl named Madison? She just turned 2 in September and is an only child being raised by a single dad. She is his BABY and "she still acts like one",anyways I only have her every other week and it works out wonderful. Ryder and her get along really well and all she wants to do is be a little mommy to Averee. When I was trying to potty train Ryder she wasn't here, that was one of the reasons I wanted to get it done, that way I could really focus on him and only him. Well the last couple of days I don't know if her daddy is trying to hint around that he wants me to start training her or what?? Yesterday she came over with underwear over her diaper??? Don't know what this was about? lol... And then today she has pull-ups in her diaper bag along with a huge stack of diapers. Now I don't have any problem if he wants me to work with her while she is here, but he hasn't said one word to me about it at all! I just don't want him to expect me to do it all, that is really what I mean to say. But I also get it that I have her 11 hours out of the day, I am going to be a huge part of her potty training. But I also think that because they have princesses on them if she wanted them he would get them for her. On the flip side of this, in my opinion she is not ready. Yes she sees, well hears Ryder do it now (I don't let her in the bathroom with him) but if I try and put her on the toilet she freaks out in about 5 sec. and she doesn't get it, that is where you go potty. Am I in the wrong here??? I know I have a few of you that have kids in daycare, what do you think????

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Erin said...

from my experience, the parent talks with the day care provider about the situation and how they want to go about it. I think you should just ask him next time he picks her up if he has started potty training and then you can both discuss what plan of action you think would work best. that's my 2 cents, for what it's worth!